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Bloomberg HT is the only economy broadcast platform in Turkey with televison, radio and web. With Bloomberg HT app; watch and listen broadcasts on tv & radio; read featured and trending stories at Bloomberg HT web site rapidly.

Relay your comments and questions to Bloomberg HT's presenters and follow their comments.



Get the latest news about economy, markets, politics and geopolitics; reach the contents, prepared in the insight of true and reliable journalism via TV and radio when making decisions in investment and saving.

Market comments

Reach the comments of specialist commentators from both Turkey and global about economy, finance and daily agenda through TV and radio. Get the smartest comments of all parties in investment decision process.


Watch videos of Bloomberg HT tv broadcats and the comments of the prominent guests of business and finance world. Follow the broadcast of Bloomberg HT Radio via Periscope, find selected important parts of the broadcast.


Listen to interviews and analysis at Bloomberg HT Radio, through our podcasts, If you had missed.
From version Bloomberg HT 2.5.16:


Follow the current dividend calendar, view data from past years.


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Doğruhaber Gazetesi

Doğruhab Newspaper Official Practice New Ideas And Permanent Güncel Kur Bilgileri

En Güncel Euro, Dolar, Altın, Borsa, Kriptopara Verileri ve Haberleri

FinansCepte Döviz & Altın Kurları - Borsa BitCoin

Track foreign exchange, gold, stock market and coin market with thousands of users

Bigpara - Borsa, Döviz, Hisse

Live Istanbul Stock Exchange, forex, exchange information, and all instant stock news

ZBorsa (Ziraat Yatırım Borsa)

Watch the capital markets through the Agricultural Investment. And it's free!

Hisse Sinyalleri | Module Teknoloji

Share signals, suggestions and stock market important company news application.

Finfree: Modern Yatırım Deneyimi

Para Ödüllü Borsa Yarışması

Altın Fiyatları & Döviz Kurları Canlı Altin Doviz

Live Gold Prices, Exchange Rates, Gold Exchange Tracking, Bank Gold Prices

Reklamsız Altın Fiyatları & Döviz Kurları

Alarm, current gold prices and live exchange rates tracking application

Portföyüm | Borsa

Tracking the stock market

Canlı Borsa: Hisse Senedi Fiyatları ve Endeksler

Live Stock Market Tracking, Instant Stock Prices, Indices and Stock Charts

CepFinans: Döviz Kurları, Borsa, Altın Fiyatları

Currency (Dollar, Euro Price), Stock Exchange, Gold Prices, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)

Döviz Kurları: Canlı Dolar, Euro Fiyatı ve Grafik

Exchange Rates (Dollar, Euro Rate), Live Exchange, Gold Prices, Crypto Currencies

Paratic Piyasalar: Döviz, Altın, Borsa, Kriptolar

Exchange Rates (Dollar, Euro Rate), Live Exchange, Gold Prices, Crypto Currencies

Altın Fiyatları Online Döviz Kurları Güncel Kur

Online gold prices, current body rates, banks and free market data

DövizFX - Döviz, Canlı Borsa ve Altın Verileri

Live Currency, Live Stock Exchange and Stocks & Gold Rates

Mynet Finans Borsa Döviz Altın

Canlı Borsa - Döviz - Altın ve piyasa bilgileri anında cebinde!