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Best Night Light

Best Night Light is a colorful night light and noise machine that helps you sleep at night.

Best Night Light has multiple night light modes, including:
• choosing a single color (mood light or relaxing light)
• animating through multiple colors
• viewing an animated scene, like moon light, candlelight, star light, and water scenes (great for a mood lamp or goodnight light).

Pair the Best Night Light mood light function with a noise machine (or sounds machine) has multiple sound modes to help you sleep at night, including:
• White Noise (a good bedtime light partner)
• Brown Noise (heavier base)
• Light Rain (good for kids night light)
• Heavy Rain (good sleep slight)
• Thunderstorms
• Heartbeat (good for newborn kids night light)

Change the in-app settings to add a sleep timer, display a digital or analog clock on the night light, change the speed that the colors rotate to change the mood light, and more!
From version Best Night Light 1.5.0:

Minor bug fixes

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