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barValid is an app with the aim of scanning and checking barcodes (even QR Code and DataMatrix) or to send the barcode to your PC. The barcodes can not only be tested for conformity according to GS1 standards (correct field lengths, etc.), but
you can even set up your own specific specifications (for example AI01-GTIN must be included).

The result can be enriched with additional Information (like photos) and saved as PDF on the smartphone or shared via social networks.

NEW: send barcodes to your PC via secured communication over barValid network- no complex WiFi configuration, just login and start! Please download the barValid satellite Desktop Client to your PC (Link: to transform your smartphone into a wireless barcode reader!

Further, barValid contains a database of all GS1 Application Identifiers (short AI) and their specification.

• Scan barcodes
• Check bar codes according to GS1 specification
• Check the scanned bar code according to the code structure specifications
• Send barcode to PC, send barcode to excel, send barcode to word or send barcodes to any other application
• Share barcode structures online over barValid network
• Product search on amazon based on scanned barcodes
• Generate a PDF report with additional notes and photos
• Save the PDF report on your device
• Share the PDF report via social networks (mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, DropBox, ...)
• Create your own code structures
• Import predefined code structures
• Application Identifier database
• Scanning- History

Supported barcodes:

• QR Code
• DataMatrix Code
• GS1-128
• Code-128
• Code-39
• Code -93
• EAN-8
• EAN-13
• RSS14

Would you like to suggest a new feature for the app or have you found an error? We are looking forward to your feedback!
From version barValid- GS1 Barcode scanner & Verifier 2.1.5:

With this version of barValid we update the GS1 digitalLink functionality to meet the new specification and we implement some additional application identifier (like AI 235 and others)

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