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Barometer and Altimeter is a simple application for measuring atmospheric pressure and altitude.

The application uses:
- built-in GPS,
- built-in pressure sensor / barometer (if the device does not have a barometric sensor, application retrieves atmospheric pressure data via the Internet from the nearest meteorological station),
- automatic altitude and atmospheric pressure calibration algorithm, based on data from local meteorological stations.

Barometer and Altimeter features:
- accurate height measurement above sea level (from GPS and other sensors),
- accurate measurement of barometric pressure (if the device is equipped in pressure sensor and check data available online)
- GPS coordinates, name of location, country
- information and current weather data from your local weather station (if available).
- outside temperature,
- wind speed,
- visibility,
- humidity, hygrometer (if device is equipped with appropriate sensors).

Exemplary uses of a barometer or altimeter tracker:
- health and medical - by monitoring the atmosteric pressure, you can be prepared for pressure jumps, headaches, migraine and malaise,
- for fishermen and anglers who fishing and sailing - monitoring the atmospheric pressure and weather you can increase the chances for good fishing,
- sportsmen and tourists,
- for determining, predicting and checking weather, air temperature, wind speed,
- to check the location,
- for pilots for check pressure and altitude,
- sailors, seamans and surfers can check the wind.

Using this barometeter tracker is simpler than using an aneroid or mercury barometer. Our Barometer and Altimeter tracker are free, easy to use, simple and handy.

Warning! Some portable devices (tablets, phones, smartphones) do not have a built-in pressure sensor. On these devices, the measurements may be less accurate as they will be based on data from the local meteorological stations.

We are constantly developing this app, if you see something that can be improved send us on [email protected] If you like this app, rate it for 5 stars.

Enjoy and have a good time with this app!
From version Barometer & Altimeter 1.7.05:

Selecting pressure type: Local or Sea level pressure (devices with pressure sensor)
Fixed problems with downloading weather conditions
Added barometer calibration functions
German, Russian and Italian language support
Added support for new units pressure mbar, inHg, mm Hg
Improved algorithm for calculating the pressure


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