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Badr English: learn, enjoy and take your English to the next level!

Learn English language from beginning to advanced levels while using a variety of resources which are available on our app. Badr english introduces you to a special way to learn english faster and effective and without internet.

This application is for both teachers and students, it will help you improve your teaching / learning competence. Hundreds of educators and students worldwide trust BADR ENGLISH, love the content and make it their best class companion to practice speaking, reading, listening, writing and to build solid vocabulary and grammar skills.


★ Short stories: to perfect your English, to learn new English words and expand your vocabulary effectively!

★  Grammar lessons with easy explanations, examples and quizzes to master the rules.

★  Handouts, books , lesson plans for teachers to make their task much easier and funnier.

★  Jokes, proverbs and articles to enjoy and enrich your knowledge smoothly.

★  Audio conversations: English learners can listen to authentic English conversations to improve their listening and speaking skills.

★ Games: Interactive, fun and effective games to make your learning experience more efficient and enjoyable.

★ Dictionary: Learn new words, and read their explanation in Arabic.

تطبيق badr English هو تطبيق جديد وهادف يوفر دروس اللغة الإنجليزية للتلاميذ والمعلمين على حد سواء. دروس اللغة الإنجليزية للمبتدئين، دروس اللغة الإنجليزية للبكالوريا. إن كنت ترغب في تعلم اللغة الانجليزية  وتحسين قدراتك على التواصل بطريقة بسيطة  فأنت في المكان المناسب. تطبيقنا يوفر تشكيلة غنية من المواد التعليمية التي من شأنها تحسين مستواك: دروس، تمارين، قصص قصيرة، امتحانات تفاعلية، ألعاب مسلية، محادثات إنجليزية مترجمة، قاموس، مترجم ، حكم ، مقالات، طرائف.
From version Badr English 2.3:

- Fixed some errors.
- Added new stories.
- Added video lessons.
- More stories and articles.
- Added Bac preparation exercises.