Army Leader's Book (LB) is designed to keep track of your Soldiers' important, but non-sensitive information in order to better lead them and maintain their readiness. LB can track your Soldiers' APFT, Weapons, Body Composition, Training and MedPros dates and data. You can track absences and LB automatically calculates your daily PERSTAT.

Other sections include:
- PERSTAT to track leave, TDY, and other absences
- Appointments
- APFT Stats
- Profiles
- Body Composition
- Weapon Stats
- Flags
- Rating Scheme
- MedPros
- Training (AR 350-1 and more)
- Equipment (weapons, optics, masks, assigned vehicles)
- Military License info and qualifications
- Duty Roster
- Taskings
- HR Actions
- Counselings
- Working Awards
- Working Evaluations
- An auto-generated Alert Roster
- Post Directory and other important phone numbers
- Notes
- Creeds, NCO Charge, NCO Vision, Army Song, Army Values, Code of Conduct, Oath of Enlistment, and Promotion Verbiage

With all this information, security is certainly a concern. LB uses a Google cloud database service called Firestore to store the data. Firestore has an impeccable record for data security and encrypts data en route to the server and on the server as well. LB also has additional security rules so only you can see your data. That being said, it is important that you get permission from your Soldiers (and have them sign a Privacy Act Statement) to input their information in LB and don't put any more information than they are comfortable with. The only required fields in all of LB are Rank and Last Name.
From version Army Leaderu0027s Book 4.1.13:

[New] Allows users to delete account through Edit Profile page
[Fix] Small bug fixes