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Life is very amazing full of ups and downs, it gives the taste of almost everything which many of us fail to recognise, this is the matter of potentiality.

-Anonymous Confession

Millions of people hide their dark secrets and Stories in the core of hearts. No matter how close you are they never say anything about it. This does not mean they don't want to share. The problem is they don't want to spoil their image in front of other people. Confession, Story, Feeling & Discussion App provides you a platform where you are free to share secrets and stories without letting anyone about yourself. Even your comment on your post will be anonymous to others. So even you can talk to a stranger and reply to their advice.

-Anonymous Stories

Some of the most memorable lessons in life come from stories. Stories are fundamental to the way we process life experiences and the feelings that surround them. Stories are a way to encapsulate life’s memorable moments and enduring life lessons. 

We strongly believe that good stories can change lives; thus we have a list of some amazing short stories about life that will teach you valuable lessons, help you deal with various life situations, and inspire you to take on life differently.

That's why Confession, Story, Feeling & Discussion App provides you a platform where you can share or read Moral Stories, Inspirational Stories, Motivational Stories, Sad Love Stories, Adventure Stories, Romantic Love Story, Short Love Story, Hot Story even more.

So become StoryTeller because so many narratives that can inspire someone, change someone’s life & teach valuable lessons.

-Anonymous Feeling

Sharing our feeling is not simple like normal chit chat. There are tons of reasons why people being afraid of sharing inner thoughts about other people. Even sometimes we failed to build a comfort zone between friends and family. Confession, Story, Feeling & Discussion App provides a way to share your feeling anonymously, People will share their thoughts and experience on your post. trust me many people face worst and good things before you do.

So make your ChitChat to ShareChat where sharing is all about your feeling and respect. Feeling Sad, Feeling happy, Feeling lonely, Feeling Anger no matter what, Don't hesitate just convert your feeling in words and post in the app to see what other advice you.

-Anonymous Discussion

Group Discussion over any topic you want. Just post a topic and see what people say about it. Because a healthy discussion will definitely make you smarter and understand things. You can create any Group Discussion topic without sharing personal information. So if you have something to ask but not possible in public share it here don't hesitate. You will love this platform where live chat comments happened. Random people will share thoughts on your post.

There is plenty of tags available to mark your discussion for people who are interested in a specific subject. Like Books, Music, Movies, Sports, LifeStyle, Work, Celebrities, Cooking, Hobbies, Life Goal, News, Social, Family, Educations, and many more.

-Chats Confession, Story, Feeling & Discussion App is a platform, where you can make new friends, People who share a Confession, Stories, Feelings & Discussion can make friend request option enable for others to send request. After accepting request you can share Thoughts, Feelings, and Many more. Because Happiness is...talking to your best friends for hours.


-Share Confession, Story, Feelings & Discussion anonymously
-Bookmark Confession & Story for reading later
-Send a Friend request who willing to make new Random friends
-Notifications for new post
-Dark & Light Theme
-Real Time Comments in feed

Note: not asking for email & phone number, So keep your password safe
From version Anonymous Social Secret Confessions & Chats 2.1.1:

-  Fresh Home Section UI/UX
- Bug Fixes

We're listening to your feedback and working hard to improve app to make more reliable for you. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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