Are you looking for some tasty American food recipes? Do you want to try cooking some delicious American cuisine to surprise your loved ones? Then meet your new cooking coach- the American cookbook filled with 1000+ American recipes.

The American recipes app is your smart cooking sidekick, offering a personalized weekly meal planner filled with American dishes for free. It is like an American recipe book but filled with healthy food recipes free suitable for your weekly budget. You will find authentic American cooking styles to prepare.

American cookbook offers you many easy food recipes for free. These include instant pot dishes, healthy soup, casserole food items, slow cooker recipes. You will also find over 1000+ easy cheap recipes like crockpot cooking dishes, cheese food items, all American barbeque recipes. You can use these American recipes offline by just saving your favorite food.

Features of the all American recipes app-
- Get step-by-step instructions on how to cook easy American food recipes.
- Get tasty American dinner recipes as a recommendation to make a healthy meal suitable for dinner.
- Personalize your meal planner and shopping list suitable for your low-budget diet plan.
- Search healthy recipes according to your social plans, ingredients, dietary needs, difficulty, speed, cuisine, and more.
- Share your meal planner and grocery list filled with budget recipes with your friends and family.
- Save your favorite cuisine to the American food recipes offline category so you can use the recipe even in your kitchen.
- Nutritional information like cholesterol, fat, carbs, calories in every American dish.

Here are some of the special categories in the American food recipes app:

- Healthy breakfast ideas: You will find plenty of dishes with eggs, fruits, oatmeals, almond milk, sandwiches suitable for a healthy diet plan.

- American lunch dishes- The category contains a variety of American cuisine like hamburgers, hot dogs, cauliflower rice, baked beans salad recipes.

- Healthy dinner recipes- You will find recipes for cooking beef stakes, salmon salads, and tacos recipes for free.

- American snacks: You will find a variety of easy snack dishes like chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies, air fryer potato fries, peanut butter bread, and pretzel.

- Party food recipe: You will get amazing grilling ground beef and barbeque chicken recipes. You will also find some amazing desserts, dips, and sauce recipes. Even get a special tutorial on how to barbeque right.

- Festive dishes: Get amazing American recipes offline suitable for Chinese new year, super bowl parties at home. Even get to make an American flag cake and candy for independence day.

- Cake recipes: You will find simple cake recipes to make a delicious chocolate cake or red velvet cake or strawberry cake at home for free.

- Vegetarian food specials: Get tasty vegetarian recipes free suitable for your plant based diet or vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.

The American recipes app gives cuisine suggestions with allergies or on a diet plan like low carb keto. You can find plenty of American food recipes suitable for paleo, Mediterranean, raw food, detox, and healthy weight loss diet. It even has a special collection of vegan diet recipes suitable for Vegetarian meal plans. If you're suffering from any food allergies, we have egg-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, wheat-free, and seafood-free recipes.

Our American recipe book for food and dessert gives healthy breakfast recipes for kids and adults to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your taste buds will enjoy trying out the American cooking recipes for your lunch and dinner.

Join us and enjoy a variety of delicious American cuisine!
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