Ambient Mixer is a community driven project offering you some unique quality soundscapes with different atmospheres for chilling, relaxing or as background music for tabletop games.
You can further effectively mix and create your own sounds.

Enter into a world with sounds of wild and beautiful nature, fantasy, science fiction, thrill, horror, ambient noise, adventure or even meditation.

Or create your own sound atmospheres with the integrated 8 channel stereo mixer.
Use it to relax, to concentrate while writing, while playing role games or just to pretend you are somewhere else.

Each one of these themes have great sounds that have the effect of making you enter a world of wild and beautiful nature, fantasy, science fiction, thrill, horror, ambient noise,
adventure or even meditation. Every atmosphere sound is related to each of the images and has the power of giving you a unique experience by pulling you into these worlds.

On listening to our complex sound atmospheres, you will be amazed at finding how accurately the sound matches what you desire for relaxation or your audio and video recordings.
From version Ambient Mixer Music 2.2.7:

New in 2.2.7
+ Fix Image Upload

New in 2.2.6
+ Fix Login Issues

New In 2.2.5:
+ Performance Improvements

New In 2.2.4:
+ Stability Improvements

New In 2.2.3:
+ Improved Handling Of Subscriptions - Subscribers May Need To Hit "Check for active subscription" Within The Settings Tab
+ Massive Performance Improvement

New In 2.2.2:
+ Improved Night Timer
+ Fixed Background Ad Bug

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