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Allflex SenseHub™ is an advanced mobile application that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups.

With the SenseHub mobile application, you can manage your monitoring solution and have access to full range of functionalities, features and reports with maximum convenience, mobility, and cost-effectiveness.

With SenseHub, dairy and beef solution, farmers with any size operation can make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity. The SenseHub app supports both eSense Flex ear tags and cSense Flex neck tags and manage offers multiple application plans.
From version Allflex SenseHub™

- Support for Breeding with Sexed Semen – Two Breeding Windows are displayed when this is configured

- The last selected graph in the Animal or Group cards is saved

- New message when trying to sort Animals without tags

- New Login and Security requirements.

Häfele Connect

With Häfele Connect you can control the Loox LED lighting system.

Awair Home

Know Your Air

AsteraApp Classic

This version is no longer updated but remains here to keep things running.


Control your Astera wireless lights with a quick, easy-to-use, intuitive app.


Digital photo frame management


Opsgenie notifies users via push notifications, email, SMS and voice calls.


Potensic Pro is a professional flight control application.

GoToAssist Support - Customer

This is a secure support app but should only be used with a trusted agent.


Access your dairy farm data from anywhere, anytime

Nintex Mobile

Workflow for everyone, anywhere.


Provides faster remote support by sharing the device's screen and camera.

MobileSupport - RemoteCall

A mobile support solution to remotely connect, view and control mobile devices.

LG Telepresence

The app to stream video of the issue(s) they’re experiencing in real-time.

VisualSupport - RemoteCall

The app to stream HD video of the issue(s) they’re experiencing in real-time.

Lensun Customizpro 2

Lensun CustomizePro offer protector cuttings for up to 10000+ models devices.

simPRO Mobile

Connect the field to the office with simPRO Mobile and enhance team efficiency.

cMT Viewer

cMT Viewer lets you control machines anywhere, anytime, fast and easily.


BASF's Navigation App for the site Ludwigshafen.


Infraspeak makes maintenance management simple and efficient.

dCS Mosaic Control

dCS Mosaic brings enhanced streaming and control capabilities to your dCS device