Advanced Tuner is the definitive tool for tuning any musical instrument: electric and acoustic guitar, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, etc. Made by audio engineers, very easy to use and intuitive. Precise and fast audio algorithm.

The main features are next:

- Analog VU meter display, to show the current note with precission
- Manual tuner. You can choose any custom instrument: guitar EADGBE, drop-D, violin, ukelele, etc. The notes will be automatically detected.
- In the manual mode, you can click on the note you are searching for. A reference pitch sound will play
- Chromatic tuner: the closest note will be detected, with an accuracy of just 0.01Hz!!!
- Display of frequency and cents for the target note
- Even you can create your own custom tuning presets. Up to 7 strings: you can edit the frequencies and names
- Low latency

Note: you must provide access to the microphone MIC in order to work properly
From version Advanced Tuner 1.7.5:

- Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash after resuming in certain conditions
- Now fully compatible with last Android versions
- New algorithm: faster and much more precise
- Bugs fixed
- Minor changes

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