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1100+ Spelling Quiz is for Kids to learn spelling as well as typing. 1100+ spellings to learn with pictures. Spelling correct and incorrect checking with sound. We have designed kids keyboard especially so they can understand easily with fun. While pressing key it also plays sound of key.

Kids will also learn how to pronounce words. There are two types of keyboards included capital and small letters. Very easy and useful application for spellings learning with picture. Shows the help of each spelling if you don’t know.

We have included many categories like animals, fruits, birds, body part, numbers and many common words.

On completing levels, you will get different types of badges. You can check it out on achievements screen. Application will encourage you to lean spellings with fun. Lean days, month, three letters, four letters, five letters and six letters spellings with picture.

Kids can use this application without anyone help. They will enjoy this spelling game and learn many educational spellings. They can practise spellings learn daily to improve their English spelling vocabulary. They can learn spellings of planets, space, indoor activities, outdoor activities, food and water animals spellings. Learning spellings with picture is really good idea and kids can learn and understand easily. Looking at picture they can guess the spelling need to type.

for any feedback send us mail to [email protected]
From version 1100+ Spelling Quiz for spelling learning 2.4:

- 1100+ Spelling Quiz for spelling learning
- Bug fix and performance improvements.

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