One of the series of Chinese medicine applications. It introduces in detail the source of more than 500 Chinese herbal medicines, the nature and taste of meridians, efficacy, characteristics, processing methods, application compatibility, precautions and related literature, etc., with pictures and texts. Provide fast Chinese medicine search. Premium version users can make notes on each Chinese medicine, mark the Chinese medicines of interest for quick access in the future, and add Chinese medicines by themselves. It has an advanced search function for searching according to its efficacy, characteristics or applied keywords. Rich professional knowledge, simple and friendly user interface, is a convenient and practical Chinese medicine application software.
From version 中医中药 4.1.1:



Professional Ziwei Dou counting plate program, supports multiple plate styles such as Fei Xing, Sanhe, Qintian Four Hua etc.

文墨天機 Pro 預測師版 紫微斗數

Professional Astrology Software stick

iDaily · 每日环球视野

3000px ultra-clear visual experience

每日环球展览 · iMuseum

A lifestyle app that focuses on global art exhibitions and museum activities, so that you can always know the best exhibitions around you, make your own exhibition plan, record and share your exhibition photos.

Concise Calendar

Very small calendar APP with Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar and holidays


TCM knowledge test covers the basic theory of TCM, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, and diagnosis and treatment of TCM.




Koi weather schedule multiplayer collaboration

HealthMe 食療快查

Food as therapy - What kind of food can benefit your health?

3D實景風水羅盤-家居風水分析 指南針

The latest and most accurate 3D real-world Fengshui compass on Google Play! The most comprehensive homeowner’s eight-character analysis, select the most suitable house for you, the feng shui location, update the analysis of additional houses, upload the house plan, and analyze each feng shui level for you immediately!


Traditional Chinese Studies Zhou Gong Dreams for you to explore the mystery of dreams


A professional and practical applications of acupuncture, including the introduction of over four hundred points, providing a convenient search function


A professional and practical Chinese medicine prescription application software, which introduces more than 400 prescriptions in detail, and provides convenient query interactive functions

紫微命盤-紫微斗數大師 婚姻算命 愛情配對 紫微運勢 紫微星座 前世今生 線上算命 姓名學算命

【Zi Wei Fate Board】Zi Wei Dou number chart calculates the fate palace, comprehensively predicts the fortune index, fortune-telling astrology! Through the Ziwei Husband and Wife Palace, explain the development of the fleeting relationship, the trend of love, understand the personality traits of the partner, and resolve the fleeting relationship crisis.


The zodiac sign who commits Tai Sui is not only a friend of the Benming year! There are also rushing Taisui, punishing Taisui, harming Taisui and breaking Taisui! The zodiac snake, monkey, tiger and pig should pay attention to come and say goodbye to Tai Sui!

取名解名-姓名算命 命名起名改名字大全 名字八字算命打分 生肖喜忌剖析 寶寶取名 姓名筆劃

[Name and Resolve] Two major functions: 1. According to the baby’s birth date and surname, match the baby with auspicious and wishful names; 2. According to the birth date provided by the user, the user’s name will be scored and the user’s name will be changed. Suggest!


Enter your partner’s birthday, use the time of birth to perform Ziwei marriage and Bazi analysis, assess the depth of fate, predict the development of your marriage and love, answer your concerns about pre- and post-marriage, help you choose the right person, and tell you after marriage Ways to maintain happiness.


Ad-free birthday character calculation tool, supporting the birthplace of the world, comes with a perpetual calendar / yellow calendar


Three hundred poems of Tang poetry, detailed annotations and phonetic, supporting full-text search


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