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1. 一次可查超過 1,000 個中文字;
2. 收錄超過 22,000 個中文字及標點符號倉頡碼;
3. 支援香港字及簡體字;
4. 自動貼上由其他app複製的文字作為查詢。
5. 可以儲存查詢過的文字
Have you ever tried to remember some words suddenly Changjei / Express code how to play?

Just install this app in your Android phone, and the handwriting of the relevant text, and then press the check code, the problem solved immediately!

The app features:
1. The first to be investigated more than 1,000 characters;
2. The collection of more than 22,000 Chinese characters and punctuation Cangjie code;
3. Support Hong Kong and simplified characters;
4. Automatic paste the copied text by another app as a query.
5. You can store a query over the text
From version 倉頡字典 (Android) 2.2:

- 增加至 30個儲存位置
- 修正小量 bugs

五色學倉頡 (附字典)

In order to usher in the 10th year, the company has re-developed the Android version of "Wise Learn Cangjie", which fully supports the latest mobile phone models, with a newly designed operating interface, dictionary and practice functions to enhance the user experience.

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