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提供由1910年1月1日至2020年2月28日. 中國農民曆,

本萬年曆之功能如下 :
1. 顯示陽曆及農民曆
2. 干支日曆
3. 每日二十四小時之干支時間
4. 每日之建除十二神之資料
5. 每月二十四節氣之日期及時間
6. 左右撥動,轉上一個月或下一個月
7. 上下撥動,轉上一年或下一年
8. 按年份後可選取指定之年份及月份
9. 八字之十神
Chinese perpetual calendar
Provided from January 1, 1910 to February 28, 2020. Chinese peasant calendar,
It also includes the Chinese calendar.

The functions of this calendar are as follows:
1. Display the solar calendar and the farmers' calendar
2. Dry calendar
3. 24 hours a day
4. Daily information on the creation of the Twelve Gods
5. The date and time of the 24 solar terms every month
6. Move left and right for one month or the next month
7. Move up and down and turn to the previous year or next year
8. After the year, you can select the specified year and month.
9. The Ten Gods of the Eight Characters
From version 建除萬年曆 1.7:



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