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经典教材:北外法语、你好法语、Reflet、Alter Ego等资源;专四、专八、TCF备考教材;



软件内部:账号 - 帮助与反馈 - 意见反馈
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Daily French listening, specially designed for French learners. Listen carefully to help you learn French better.

[Rich resources, updated daily]
News: Push the latest listening resources of French media every day;
Classic textbooks: Beiwai French, Hello French, Reflet, Alter Ego and other resources; special four, special eight, TCF preparation textbooks;
Listening highlights: rich resources such as daily conversations, business French, French film and television, speech interviews, etc.
FM Radio: Listen to the latest French radio smoothly in real time

[Powerful, easy to operate]
Word search: seamlessly integrate with "French Assistant", long press to search words, that is, instant translation;
Play adjustment: 8-speed speech speed adjustment, 4 loop modes, single sentence intensive listening, dictation, and test to meet the learning needs of different stages;
Favorites download: support batch download, offline listening at any time;
Listening upload: support listeners to upload their resources and synchronous highlight subtitles on the official website;
Follow-up scoring: After follow-up, you can check the pronunciation accuracy of words and correct pronunciation problems.

[Featured module, assisted learning]
Intensive listening party: the original book is read aloud in original sound, the lecture notes are edited and the exercises are tested.
Dubbing show: provide the soundtrack of the original listening material to show your pronunciation;
Learning plan: Set small goals and automatically push learning content every day;
Listening Challenge: Join the listening training program to improve French over time.

【contact us】
Inside the software: account-help and feedback-feedback
Customer service QQ: 1047518732
Customer Service Phone: 400-920-1209
From version 每日法语听力 -提高法语听力阅读的最佳途径 9.8.0:

- 改进 观看视频文章时,长按视频区域即可倍速播放
- 改进 优化了在Pad设备上使用手写笔的体验
- 改进 跟读打分功能,发音评分更精确
- 新增 AI字幕,实时更新,听懂原声不再难
- 新增 64位设备支持

- 改进 词汇智能提示,更细致的单词分类,更精致的学习界面
- 改进 配音功能,可增加跟读时长,长句难句轻松读
- 改进 同步功能,播放历史可在多设备间同步


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