Android™ 2.2以降
※SoftBank 101DLはパスワードロックのみ対応します。
※Android™ OS 7.0以降では本サービスによるパスワード変更に対応しておりません。

必ず、下記デベロッパーウェブページにて、スマートフォン安心遠隔ロックアプリ ソフトウェア使用許諾契約書をご覧いただいた上でご利用ください。
* This app uses SMS for remote password lock and data deletion instructions.
* This app uses the terminal administrator authority.

Smartphone Secure Remote Lock is a service that can be used by customers who apply for the Smartphone Corporate Basic Pack provided by SoftBank Mobile.

The administrator can remotely lock the smartphone password and delete data using the corporate concier site.

Please check here for more information.

Compatible models:
Android ™ 2.2 or later
* To lock the 101N with a password, it is necessary to make settings on the main unit in advance.
* SoftBank 101DL only supports password lock.
* Android ™ OS 7.0 or later does not support password change by this service.

Please be sure to read the software license agreement on the smartphone secure remote lock application on the following developer web page before using it.
From version スマートフォン安心遠隔ロック Varies with device: