日本語韓国語翻訳は、日本語韓国語翻訳、日本語韓国語辞書とも呼ばれます。 日本語と韓国語をサポートする翻訳ソフトウェアソフトウェアのインターフェースは美しくて使いやすいです。
Japanese Korean translation is also called Japanese Korean translation, Japanese Korean dictionary. The interface of translation software that supports Japanese and Korean is beautiful and easy to use.
In everyday life, this software can be used for communication with Korean-speaking countries and Japanese.
It is indispensable software for overseas travel and communication.
Main features:
1: Japanese and Korean text translation support
2: Supports Japanese and Korean voice input (mobile phone support TTS required)
3: Translated Chinese and Korean audio broadcasts
4: Supports text copy and sharing function
5: Supports 10 different color theme modes
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