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From version 一分钱 -双十一欧洲购物狂欢节 7.0.4:

「11.11双十一欧洲购物狂欢节」 最全最新的双十一折扣信息来袭,更有不间断神秘补贴重磅来袭。欧洲一分钱(ECENTIME) 是欧洲最大的华人精品导购网站,7天24小时滚动更新欧洲商家品牌折扣信息。从吃穿住行到电子电器;从母婴用品到营养保健;从旅游外出到网红打卡。我们用最实惠的价格包裹你最精致的生活


Connecting the Chinese market to the rest of the world

Superbuy Shopping

Superbuy offers a one-stop shopping solution for global users to shop from China


100 yuan subsidy for newcomers


A shopping platform for overseas Chinese and international students.


Travel itinerary, tickets free exercise Hotel

YICAIBAO-Yiwu Small Commodities Wholesale

Global sources, rapid purchasing, all in YICAIBAO!



Massive romance novels updated every day


eLEAD is a customer-centric avenue designed for a seamless shopping experience.


Qunar Travel Client supports users to book and purchase air tickets, hotels, tickets, travel routes, and self-driving rentals at the lowest prices on the entire network. It is the most popular mobile application for travel in China.



淘特 -- 原淘宝特价版

Good source, more than special price! The money-saving shopping app used by more than 100 million people brings low-priced and high-quality source goods to consumers. At the same time, it officially protects consumers' rights and provides a shopping experience that is affordable, safe to use, and decent. .


Special offer airline ticket hotel limited time buying


Tmall 618, top-of-the-line goods are in the wild!

WEBUY MY 线上生鲜超市 | RM99 Free Shipping 满RM99免费送货

One-stop group buying platform to meet your grocery needs 一站式 团购 平台 满足 您 的 杂货 需求


Chinese recipes and more comprehensive, more popular gourmet community


Whether there is a delivery store version, a good helper for restaurant management



Payke-making shopping

We are carrying out a limited-time campaign to commemorate the launch!


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